Commissions are opened! Gotta earn for a lot of things again.

  • I’ll draw most things. Feel free to ask me about it if you’re unsure!
  • Ask away if you have any questions at all!
  • Commissions are for personal use only.
  • Prices apply PER character.
  • Additional $$$ will be charged depending on the complexity of details and such, but will not go over $5.
  • Paypal and USD only.
  • I will begin your commission once I have received the money. Please include a note of your username so I’ll know who sent it! When you send the payment, please select Purchase > Services. PLEASE PAY PAYPAL FEE IF THERE IS ANY.
  • I’ll be drawing in relatively medium sized canvases (1100px). If you’d like a print-resolution file, please let me know. Take note these will take longer since the file will be big.

If you’re interested, feel free to note me on my deviantart or email me at lexleggy @ gmail.com entitled “RLC” with the following.

Your username
Name of Character/age/height/gender
Size (Half/Fullbody)
Prompt/specific ideas for pose/expressions if any

Thanks for looking!

Signal boosts are greatly appreciated!

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Anonymous asked: sorry for bothering,, but can I know what's your brush settings? pweaase ; 3 ;

Hello! Don’t worry; it’s not a bother at all!! uhh I usually use one of the basic photoshop brush with the opacity checked:


(also in photoshop the name would be ‘Brush Tool Oil Medium Wet Flow 1’)

other than that I would just toggle & tweak with the settings —- feel free to experiment! sorry it’s not much ;;;;;

just a reminder

※ Please do not repost my art (especially those that I uploaded on other sites like pixiv) !!

usually all other artworks & fanart I post in other sites are posted in this tumblr too; so you can reblog from here instead (´;ω;`)

here are the other sites I’m on: pixivdeviantart

also quick doodle of sosuke just because

shoves everyone out of the way give me sosuKE ◉◞◟◉‵)

draws nobo everywhere

i’m so sorry for the long wait……… life has been busy but i’m still alive _:(´` ):_

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Anonymous asked: There is now a thing called shingekinohogwarts too, it's a rp group for that crossover. Thought you might like to see it

ooOOH (́◉◞౪◟◉‵) thanks, i’ll check it out!! though i think i might not have the time to join another rp group (´;ω;`) ;;;


yep it’s there in the left corner!! 1st years + older students erejean and erejean kiss ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

another compilation dump from sem break!!