some instragram sketches & wips _(:’3 J (description in captions!)

barnham & darklaw! (taken from my instagram haha)

some practices i guess

(all referenced from photos! especially… korean fashion websites…….. coughs)

just finished playing AA5; so I wanted to do a quick doodle of simon!! (´;ω;`)


tokyo ghoul print I sold at AMG 2014 _(:’3」∠)_

(thank you everyone who bought it!!)

AMG 2014

It was a blast!! I met lots of new people & some online friends; I had a lot of fun ٩(^⊆^)۶ 

Thank you everyone who supported and dropped by! greatly appreciated it aaaaaahhhh—- and also hello to new followers! I hope you enjoy your stay ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

Just a quick(and very last minute) announcement that I’ll be at AMG 2014 @ Sunway Pyramid from 9-10 August!! I’ll be booth-ing with some friends—-

Anyway, feel free to drop by! Let’s have fun (ڡ) *:・゚✧

(sorry this was so late; I’ve been really busy with both college assignments and merch ;; ha…haha……….)

dukepoem said: they look awesome <3 I love that colour scheme and those shiny patterns *-* //teachmeyil

haha thank you!! i don’t think i can teach anything tho; I’m still a noob 

_:(´ཀ`」 ∠):_

some college assignment work for from earlier this year(in January-ish I think?) — for the assignment given we were asked to choose from 3 different character types and then to expand/design from there; so I chose to do a sorceress/sorcerer type of character!

(the genderbend was also part of the assignment!)

found these files in my hard drive so I thought why not post them online—- just to show I’m still alive _(:’3」∠)_