Anonymous asked: sorry for bothering,, but can I know what's your brush settings? pweaase ; 3 ;

Hello! Don’t worry; it’s not a bother at all!! uhh I usually use one of the basic photoshop brush with the opacity checked:


(also in photoshop the name would be ‘Brush Tool Oil Medium Wet Flow 1’)

other than that I would just toggle & tweak with the settings —- feel free to experiment! sorry it’s not much ;;;;;

just a reminder

※ Please do not repost my art (especially those that I uploaded on other sites like pixiv) !!

usually all other artworks & fanart I post in other sites are posted in this tumblr too; so you can reblog from here instead (´;ω;`)

here are the other sites I’m on: pixivdeviantart

also quick doodle of sosuke just because

shoves everyone out of the way give me sosuKE ◉◞◟◉‵)

draws nobo everywhere

i’m so sorry for the long wait……… life has been busy but i’m still alive _:(´` ):_

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Anonymous asked: There is now a thing called shingekinohogwarts too, it's a rp group for that crossover. Thought you might like to see it

ooOOH (́◉◞౪◟◉‵) thanks, i’ll check it out!! though i think i might not have the time to join another rp group (´;ω;`) ;;;


yep it’s there in the left corner!! 1st years + older students erejean and erejean kiss ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

another compilation dump from sem break!!

andreaphobia said: Hogwarts AUs give me life

it gives me life too and lets me throw my favourite/original characters in hogwarts bc i can’t go